Barunzir Daurug (myrngwaur) wrote,
Barunzir Daurug

Пожалуй, одни из лучших слов, которые он написал в своей жизни.

It's dark. It's dark, 
                    and doom coming. 
Is no light left us? 
                    A light kindle, 
and fan the flame! 
                  Lo! Fire now wakens, 
hearth is burning, 
                  house is lighted, 
men there gather. 
                 Out of the mists they come 
through darkling doors 
                      whereat doom waiteth.
Hark! I hear them 
                 in the hall chanting,
stern words they sing 
                     with strong voices:  
Heart shall be bolder, 
                      harder be purpose, 
more proud the spirit 
                     as our power lessens -  
Mind shall not falter 
                     nor mood waver, 
though doom shall come 
                      and dark conquer.
Tags: poetrЫ, tolkienistica

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